• Ice Aid Hot/Cold Pack (Reusable)

Ice Aid Hot/Cold Pack (Reusable)


30cm x 15cm
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ICE-AID can assist to reduce pain, decrease total disability time and improve long-term results. ICE-AID is a reusable cold and hot therapy pack. Cryoptherapy (ice therapy) and heat therapy are a long-established and clinically proven aid in the treatment of most musculoskeletal injuries. Joint injury often involves secondary trauma to surrounding soft tissue. ICE-AID offers a very accessible, re-usable tool to assist injury within the first vital 48 hours.

Size: 30cm x 15cm

ICE_AID is a reusable cold and hot pack.
Freezer-safe / Microwave-safe / Non-Toxic.

Cold Therapy - for pain relief, muscle spasms and strains, bruises, even works for headaches, toothaches and minor burns and insect bites. For cold therapy simply place in the freezer.
Heat Therapy - for stiffness, muscle cramp, arthritic pain and muscle tension. For heat therapy simply place in microwave for a short time or place in hot water


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