Crutches - Elbow


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      Durable and strong, these elbow crutches are constructed from high tensile extruded aluminium making them both lightweight and very strong. Fitted with high quality rubber tips for grip and stability. Cuffs to be placed around the forearm.

      Elbow crutches are best suited for people seeking greater walking flexibility and for longer term use in comparison to underarm crutches. Typically, forearm crutches require more strength in general than underarm crutches – so while they promote better posture and potentially reduce strain on the wrist, they can be slightly more challenging to master. This is why forearm crutches are often better for longer term use or for people who find underarm crutches especially uncomfortable.

      Crutches are great for rehabilitation for the lower limbs, as the upper body can relieve and support lower body weight. 

      Available in Medium (ideal height 160cm-180cm) and Large (Ideal height 180cm+). 

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