Surface Sanitiser - No rinse (Food Grade)


  • Product Description

      • Fast. Effective. Safe.

      • Super sanitiser. Spray and leave. No rinsing required.

      • Food area safe.

      • Powerful super concentrate.

      • Easy to use. Just spray and leave to dry

      • Multi-surface formula.

      • Fragrance free. Odourless. Non-tainting.

      • Approved for use in food processing establishments (complies with AQIS requirements.)

      • Safe to use on water cleanable surfaces.

      • Precise Dosage (At recommended dilutions Protect yields 200ppm Quaternary Ammonium Compound.)

      How to use.

      No Rinse Surface Sanitising

      1. Remove all foodstuff and packaging from the area.

      2. Clean surfaces and equipment to be sanitized thoroughly and allow to dry. Ensure that the surfaces have been rinsed thoroughly and are free of detergent residue.

      3. Dilute with water as per instructions and according to the application you wish to use.

      4. Apply solution to the area and/or equipment to be sanitised (e.g. bench, floor, tub, cutting board, freezer, plate, bowl, utensil, equipment) using a cloth, spray bottle, bucket, dipping tub or spraying system.

      5. Do not rinse. Allow to dry and/or dwell overnight.

      6. No rinsing required once dry, then proceed with food preparation.

      Sink Dishwash Final Rinse Sanitiser

      1. Clean and rinse the item(s) to be sanitized thoroughly and allow to dry.

      2. Add Protect no rinse sanitiser to the separate, final rinse water sink or tub.

      3. Test with micro quat paper to ensure correct Quat level.

      4. Totally immerse and soak pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, cutting boards and utensils for at least 10 minutes.

      5. Do not rinse. Allow to dry.

      6. Proceed with food preparation.

      Handy hints

      • When manually filling bottles, buckets or tanks, add the water first and chemical last to prevent foaming and splashes.

      • For best results use freshly diluted cleaning solutions.

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